WANDER | The Edge of Your Comfort Zone


There’s a saying that life begins at the edge of your comfort zone. You never really know what you’re capable of and where your boundaries are unless you really decide to push the envelope. I met my boundaries and my comfort zone while traveling for work to the city of Kumamoto, on Japan’s southern island […]

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BULLET JOURNAL | How We Plan Travel


All of us are pretty much juggling a thousand things these days it seems, so wherever you can do some deliberate planning in advance, you’re going to save yourself some stress! That’s just one of many reasons I love Bullet Journaling. You take a regular notebook, a simple task management system, and add as much […]

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GEIRANGER | Sky to Fjord


“I do not, by temperament or inclination, gravitate toward Scandinavian countries. I am intimidated and made uncomfortable by safe, clean, orderly places where everything works and people seem creepily content.” ~ Anthony Bourdain Tony, don’t ever, ever visit Geiranger. You’ll hate it. We, on the other hand, absolutely fell in love with Geiranger. I’m already […]

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A-B-C {Apple, Bourbon Crock-pot} Pulled Pork


There’s a saying in the Army that when the husband, wife, father, mother, whoever serves…the whole family serves. And my husband and I {who both served in the Army} think there should be a similar saying about blogging. When one of us Instagrams, the whole family is in on it. There are whole websites and […]

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STAVANGER | Acrophobia at Pulpit Rock


There are moments in travel where, when you look back at the pictures and stories of your adventures, it awakens in you the same excitement you felt when you were there, and you think, “I can’t wait to do that again!” And then there are adventures where you look back at what you actually did […]

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