Opting Outside


I’m not a fan of crowds or busy venues, especially when there’s a lot of pushing and hustling involved, and especially not early in the morning. Only through the grace of fresh coffee do I make it through security to a 6:30am flight like we did to get to California, and even then my husband […]

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LOCAL LIVING | Our Ultimate D.C. Bucket List


I’m still trying to figure out how all this time raced by, but we’ve been living in the national capitol region for four months now! During that time, we’ve only just started scratching the surface of things to do around here. There is an amazing variety of things to do in D.C., from museums, art, and […]

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Washington D.C. | Christmas Chorale at the National Cathedral


Sorry for having been as absent as I have around here! I’ve been both under the weather – wrestling the rest of this awful cold I picked up after Thanksgiving – and working full bore on the next iteration of things for this site and this community! We will be moving to a whole new […]

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Loaded Baked Potato Soup


It’s good to be home. Especially when it’s just that damn time of year and you’re sitting on the plane home and your throat starts feeling scratchy and your lymph nodes swell up and you’re surprised as all get-out but you’re giving your husband your glass of wine because you just can’t swallow it, and […]

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SAN LUIS OBISPO | Hiking Montana de Oro


Montaña de Oro is a California State Park just outside Los Osos and San Luis Obispo. It has some of the most beautiful seaside hiking you could ever hope to find, with craggy cliffs, dark sand beaches, canyons, streams, and a eucalyptus forest filled with Monarch butterflies during their migration season. When I was growing up, […]

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Maple Bacon Whipped Sweet Potatoes


The more I learn about Virginia, the more I have my doubts about the food served at the “original” Thanksgiving. Massachusetts’ pilgrims weren’t the first to break bread with the first Americans in a Thanksgiving type feast. For that matter, the Native American tribes were first – harvest gatherings were a huge part of their […]

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Lazy Afternoons in California


Wine isn’t meant to be consumed in a hurry. It’s made to be sipped, savored, reflected on, and used to inspire wandering thoughts and daydreams. And my hometown’s little corner of California is the perfect place to do just that. Coming home, I’m always struck by just how different the pace of life is there […]

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