COPENHAGEN | The Admiral Hotel


I’m AMAZINGLY glad it’s fall for a lot of reasons! But since we like to talk about travel around here, let’s talk with travel. I’m glad summer’s done from a travel perspective. Summer is my least favorite season to travel. Airlines tend to overbook flights more here than any other time of year, even the […]

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BLUEMONT | Apples, Pumpkins, and Corn Mazes


Before we left New York for Hawaii, we went apple picking every fall at a farm near our house, so often that it became ingrained in my psyche. I see a red leaf, and it’s time for us to go picking apples. It’s just one of those things. So this weekend, I asked the Almighty […]

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COPENHAGEN | Out and About


As the plane leans its weight forward, dropping flaps, coasting into descent, I’m reminded to fill out the customs form. Otherwise, I’ll forget until there are only two people ahead of me at passport control and then I’m scrambling madly for a pen. Invariably, they all contain the same three purposes for a trip: Business […]

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Crab Royale


It has been a crazy busy week! So let’s talk about some pretty perfect busy weeknight food that you can make in about 25 minutes, start to finish. While I dabble in recipes from around the world, a lot of the recipes I make most of the time are family ones – and I love […]

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Seven Ways the Traveler Mindset Helps You in Your Daily Grind


The more I’m settling into my new home, the more I’m feeling the urge to dig in and let the roots sink in. Yes, travel still has its allure, and distant horizons still call, but I’m enjoying being able to infuse memories of far off places and great experiences into my surroundings – or what […]

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LORTON | Exploring Mason Neck State Park


After almost two weeks of cleaning, unpacking, unboxing, washing, folding, and putting away, even though we’re absolutely in love with our new house…Scott and I were dying to get out of the house. Getting a massive amount of steps and flights logged on your Apple Health app just from walking around your house is pretty cool, but we […]

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Glazed Lemon Pound Cake with Fresh Berries


It’s been a busy couple of weeks, but now I can finally say that we’re well into our new house. All the boxes have made it and all the cats and people that have been all over the place this summer are finally in the same place. But that’s about as far as we’ve gotten! […]

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LACOCK | Where Time Stops for Tea


Even people who speak the same language can have very, very different perceptions – and I mean beyond the bickering, bantering, and out-right hate-mongering you can see in the comments section of any article shared on Facebook these days {ugh}. Take time, for example. Time is a rushed and hurried thing in America, something we never […]

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AVILA BEACH | The Olde Port Inn


The more I visit my folks, the more I’m convinced they live in Foodie Paradise. There are dozens of beautiful farmers’ markets, local organic butchers and bakers and fish markets, and a climate that pretty much guarantees you can find good fresh stuff any time of year. We always seem to end up at the Olde […]

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Three Ways to Discover New Adventures at Home


My parents moved a fair bit when I was little, but that all came to a stop when they moved into their current house on California’s Central Coast. That was {and this comes as a shock to me} almost 30 years ago, and they’re still going strong. During 19 of those 30 years, between school and […]

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